Fabric Window & Door Awnings

Before air conditioning, window awnings were the source of home cooling. When energy was inexpensive, air conditioning took over. Now with high energy costs, window awnings are gaining popularity again. Window awnings can cool a house up to 20 degrees on south and west facing windows.

Fabric awnings will prevent fading of your carpets, furniture and floors. Window awnings can have full sides, no sides or partial sides; whatever makes the shade you are looking for. Window awnings can be pulled up when not in use with ropes and pulleys.

Also available are mini and maxi roll-up awnings. These awnings are ideal for west or east facing awnings because they have arms that can lower the awning to completely cover the window to protect from blinding sun. Please know that a motor can be added to this type of awning.

Door awnings are designed for year round use to keep you protected from rain and snow.

Stop in to see the awnings we have on display and how we manufacture. We use 31% more fabric than the discount house awnings because we want your awnings to last and look good for years.

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