Framed Canopies

Every canopy is different and is designed for your deck or patio. We design with the direction of the sun in mind. If the deck faces east or west, full sides are not necessarily needed; just side valances or no sides at all. If the deck faces south or north,and there is no side sun protection (a tree line or building) we recommend a full wing on the western side.

If we have enough height, we will install the rear of the canopy against the house. If there is not enough height we will construct a roof mount canopy that sits back on the roof approximately 20". With a roof mount canopy, rain runs under the roof overlap and into the gutter. We design the framed canopy to end approximately 6" past the front of the deck. The rain can run off the canopy cover onto the lawn, without splashing back onto the deck.

For those with height restrictions where attaching to the roof is a problem, we have the up & over solution.  We weld a galvanized steel frame in our Providence plant and install a custom frame to your deck.

We use 31% more fabric with our canopies for chafe protection and strength. Come to see our canopy, we are very proud of our construction.

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