Frequently Asked Questions

How far out can a retractable awning go?
14’ projections are available but unless you live in a very sheltered area we do not recommend going out more that 12’.

What would be the best fabric color for my home?
If your home is silent in color or architecture, stripes and bold colors add a color dimension to your home.  If your home is colorful or has extensive architectural angles, a solid color works well.

What is best for my deck, a frame canopy or a retractable swing?
The awning type that is best depends on the direction your deck faces.  If you face north or south and have no natural side protection, a tree line or a building, a retractable will give you no late day shade protection and a frame canopy would be best for you because of the triangular side.  If you face east or west either will work for you.

Will I get leaking from a roof mount awning?
No, because we find your rafters and drill into the center of this with a smaller drill.  We then lag the bracket in place.  We also caulk heavily between the brackets and shingles.

Why the additional cost of an electrician?
Our competition advertises a plug and a remote to operate the retractable awning. An awning is a long term investment in your home comfort. We would not want a wire hanging down the outside of our home. We prefer hard wiring and installing the switch inside the house 12 to 18” above your deck light switches. All wires are hidden to the best of our ability. Remotes are fine for difficult wiring installations and we use them if needed but still hide the wires.

Why do you use a backing board for your roof mount installations instead of just roof mount brackets?
Two reasons, a long term investment in your home and with a backing board the awning is better protected. By creating a “wall” the awning looks better cosmetically.

How wide can I go with a retractable awning or a stationary frame canopy?
Niantic Awning has installed a 48’ retractable awning with a 10’ projection and a 90’ stationary canopy.

What is the purchasing procedure?
We invite you to our shop to see the products we have available for you. Bring some dimensions and a picture if possible. We can give you an estimate at that time. From that point we make an appointment to meet at your home, talk over the installation and give you a written proposal. If this is not convenient please give us approximate dimensions and we will gladly give a phone estimate.

More Questions?

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